Epargne Projects 

Drop 1 Military inspired 

I've always loved the military as a source of fashion inspiration. Soldiers standing clean and sharp one minute, the next bloody and bruised from the effects of war. Military clothing is made to be functional and ready to withstand multiple wars at the drop of a hat. The antithesis of this kind of clothing is high fashion luxury goods. We are told to be gentle and delicate with luxury fashion. Yet a lot of high fashion is inspired from this rugged and tattered clothing. In the next drop I will explore the symbiotic relationship between fashion and the military furter. For now i've released a proof of concept. 



Drop 2 Rebrand 

It didn't mean anything to me, not the brand but the name. It was something I didn't put much effort into but  2 1 4 5 has made me the person I am today. I like to think if you wear the brand now you're really wearing a piece of me. 

This drop is something I thought would be fun it's different then some t-shirts and hoodies. After the reception I got just for the sample I figure I should release the fur boots, I have so many ideas then just some fur boots and I can't wait to share it with you. But for now thank you for visiting the website and I know if you're reading this to the end you are a real mf. 



Drop 3 Phoenix   


I sold out the first pairs in a week of having them in hand. it was a surreal experience to have something be so successful of the strength of a vision. this drop was the restock for all the online followers who didn't even get a chance to order a pair.                                                                                   



Drop 4 Innovation 

This time I was able to show you more of the design work at hand. I was able to make something from scratch something no other brand had a version. The Bearfeet Low proved to myself i could create something and people would appreciate and enjoy the product. 

It also gives a very modular platform for collaborations the ankle hem is highly customisable to allow other brands to logo their brand to the hem.